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Comic Crusaders

“I highly recommend checking this out, as it is not only fantastical but also… Fantastic, Five out of Five Stars”         - Robert Anderegg

AV Club

“What’s really striking is that all of the main characters are young women. Even in books starring female characters, it’s rare for basically all of the page space to be dedicated to women, which makes Mae remarkable in just how well it focuses on them and their stories, making them distinct from one another. Mae and Dahlia are unapologetically dorky, and all three clearly have strong emotional ties and responses, leaving them feeling fully fleshed-out and individual.”         - Caitlin Rosberg

Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books

“Action-packed… Older comics and graphic novel fans will be pleased with this sophisticated, adventure-heavy series, and they’ll be delighted with the included bonus drawings, background details, and author note.”          - April Spisak

The Other Comic Book Teacher

“I’m ordering a handful of copies of Mae for my Graphic Novel class.  I always have a group of kids that love sci-fi/fantasy-type books, and this will be right up their alley.  If you have loved ones or friends that are into sci-fi/fantasy books but don’t want all of the blood, gore, and sex that often comes along with them, check this book out.  Fun for most ages, appreciated by 13+.”

        - Eric Kallenborn

Fanboy Nation

“I highly recommend it. This could very well be today's comic book form of The Wizard of Oz. 10.0/10”


“Ha has obviously been paying attention and honing his skills while working alongside comics luminaries like Moore, Meltzer, and Morrison...Ha’s exuberance for the material is barely contained in these beautiful pages. This glorious positivity makes for a comic that wears its heart on its sleeve, which, fittingly enough, makes it Midwestern as heck. Warm-hearted and immersive, Mae already feels like a comic series I’ve been reading, voraciously, for years and years.”         - Molly Jane Kremer

TM Stash

“If you haven’t checked out this fantastic book, you should really give it a try... Gene Ha has the start of something wonderful that can appeal to all ages. I feel that it is safe for  younger readers to adventure into, while still appealing to my inner child; and hopefully yours as well. It reminds me of a time in my childhood when I believed anything was possible and like Alice; a simple looking glass could lead you down the rabbit hole into a glorious new world.”    

        - Stacy Lott

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